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MaxMara Spring Summer 2012 Collection
Now that’s how you follow the trends! Or at least some of the trends – color blocks, bright shades of turquoise and layering. MaxMara Spring... Read More

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Fendi Spring Summer 2012 Collection
It’s amazing how these Fashion Weeks shows keep pouring in! It’s like only yesterday New York Fashion Week started and now we’re already halfway through... Read More

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Burberry Spring Summer 2012 Collection
Fashion Week doesn’t wait for no Emmy after party jet lag (not that I was experiencing any, but I was playing make believe – wink).... Read More

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Michael Kors Spring Summer 2012 Collection
Michael Kors Spring Summer 2012 Collection comes in a very blessed moment when I was completely stuck in the repetitive summer catwalk shown by the... Read More

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Zac Posen Spring Summer 2012 Collection
Feminine and old school glamour. That’s Zac Posen’s Spring Summer 2011 collection. And I’m loving it! It’s clearly not wearable and way more couture than... Read More

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Gwen Stefani’s LAMB Spring Summer 2012 Collection
I sometimes can’t believe that I’m actually taking into consideration Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. collection for the New York Fashion Week. Never mind me – I... Read More

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Diane Von Furstenberg Spring Summer 2012 Collection
Diane Von Furstenberg has a thing for lady like fashion. There’s hardly any other place where you can find this retro – ish, flowery, tender... Read More

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Kanye West Confirmed For Paris Fashion Week?
Oh, come on! I always took those rumors about Kanye West having a fashion collection ready as pure and delightful mockery! Now I hear Kanye... Read More

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