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Eva Longoria Without Makeup – Makeup Artists are Artists Indeed!
From time to time I ask myself what makes all that sparkling glamourous celebrities look so fresh when photographed. That, of course, photoshop aside. Aren’t... Read More

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Eva Longoria Advertises for Skimpies
I guess the Writers Guild strike made life hard to live for anyone in the movie business, not only in fashion industry. I remember Eva... Read More

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Breathtaking Pump Shoes With Bow
Because we’re all princesses, we deserve the shoes to take our steps into everyone’s heart! Here’s what we found to satisfy your royal taste: Le... Read More

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Celebrities Ugg For a Good Cause
We all know (and appreciate) the Ugg Boots. The story of the brand is simple: it all began in 1978 with Brian Smith, a young... Read More

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Leopard Print to Last
It’s been going on for over two years now and we cannot get too much of this leopard print. Have it on dresses, coats, skirts,... Read More

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