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Elle Shoes Have A Diary
Didn’t you feel there was something missing from the Blogosphere? A blog dedicated to ridiculously expensive (but unearthly beautiful) shoes? Chez Elle (yes, Elle Magazine!)... Read More

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Nicole Kidman Elle US November 2008
Elle US goes Wonder Women. With Hollywood women. (now, why do they see wonders only in Hollywood women, that beats my logic! Maybe because shallow... Read More

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Jennifer Lopez Does Elle US October 2008
It seems like only yesterday the Jennifer Lopez no-longer-J-Lo hunted down every blog, every pixel of the internet for her twins pictures that were so... Read More

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Vanessa Paradis Does French Elle August 2008
For some time I was waiting for some relevant Vanessa Paradis photos. Other than Miu Miu engage theme, other than some video of her singing.... Read More

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Visions of Inevitability – Madonna Elle US May 2008
After Elle UK, Madge confortably takes cover for Elle US edition for the May Issue. I guess budget-cuts originated this. However, the worst part is,... Read More

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Ask Chloe Sevigny in Elle Magazine
If you ever feel lost in fashion, then Chloe Sevigny is the one to ask! She’s got her very own style column “Ask Chloe”. Miss... Read More

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