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Sofia Vergara Diet Pepsi With David Beckham
Ohhh, did you know that the new Sofia Vergara Diet Pepsi ad campaign is out? And that it involves David Beckham? We already talked about... Read More

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Victoria Beckham Pregnant With Fourth Child. Bookies Already Accepting Bets
It’s not a joke! The pregnancy or the bookies! So Victoria’s fourth pregnancy was announced by David on his Facebook page, the second day Victoria... Read More

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David And Victoria Beckham Are Intimately Yours For Perfumes Ad Campaign
Asking you if a good fash video was what you needed is irrelevant right now. Why? Because everybody’s doing it, I should just as well... Read More

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Adidas Brings Star Wars To A Street Corner Near You
You remember those Darth Vader worthy sneakers Adidas came up this season? Now just by looking at their cleverly masterminded commercial clip I’m sure they’ll... Read More

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Victoria Beckham Doesn’t: Eat Hamburgers, Say No To David, Self Tan!
If every now and then you ask yourself how does Victoria Beckham keep herself so thin, here’s the answer: she eats green, no hamburgers, she... Read More

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David And Victoria Beckham DVB Beckham Signature Story Perfumes
The days have passed and another perfume signed by David and Victoria Beckham is upon us. I’m really curious about how the fragrances turn up... Read More

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David And Victoria Beckham For Armani Underwear Ad Campaign 2009
At first there was David. Then there was Victoria. Now they’re pictured together for the infamous Armani Underwear 2009 Ad Campaign. Being married to a... Read More

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David Beckham Collection For Adidas Originals
Becks has caught the design bug from Posh – he teamed up with James Bond (Undefeated) for a collection for Adidas Originals by Originals Fall... Read More

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