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Roberto Cavalli Doesn’t Think Much Of Anna Wintour And American Fashion
In the wild fashion territory, a designer’s wisdom rivals der Kaiser’s: Roberto Cavalli! He’s the one who keeps us constantly amazed and bewildered! His latest?... Read More

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Vogue’s Covers. Anna Wintour Explaining Her Cover Choices
You may remember I used to moan and frown almost every time a celebrity was on the cover of Vogue magazine. Anna Wintour has made... Read More

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Anna Wintour Wants Kate The Duchess On Vogue’s Cover
Rumors circulate saying that Anna Wintour would like to have Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge, on the cover of Vogue US. The feared editor... Read More

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Anna Wintour’s Meme – Fashion Week’s Most Notable Happening
Anna Wintour. Books have been written about her. Movies have been made about (and with) her. Columns, entire websites talk about her 24 / 7.... Read More

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Anna Wintour’s Style Advice
The Webby Awards? Are you (the least) familiar with it? At least from what the name tells us, it’s about the web. The Webby Awards,... Read More

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Met Gala 2011 – Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty
2011 marks an anniversary I wish we would never had (at least not so early): 1 year has passed since Alexander McQueen’s death. Consequently, events... Read More

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Anna Wintour’s Sequined Chanel Dress For Met Gala 2011
The day has passed and I forgot one of the most important guests at the Met Gala 2011 (or any other Met Gala): Anna Wintour.... Read More

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The Adventures Of Santa Lagerfeld
I can’t believe Christmas is already behind us! I still have those twelve days of Christmas to last me until next year (yep, the twelve... Read More

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