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I Am A Very Stylish Man!
In my book that’s what I call absolute craziness, border-less, beyond lolz and any rhetoric, beyond trends, economy and climate change, this, my lovelies, this... Read More

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Avril Lavigne Wears Abbey Dawn Clothes And Chanel Sneakers
If it wasn’t for Avril Lavigne, I would have kept my complete ignorance about Chanel doing Converse-like sneakers. Which makes total sense, every couture house... Read More

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Louis Vuitton Spicy Sandals For A Bike Ride? Yes, You Can!
And why wouldn’t you? Louis Vuitton – everything is so chic and riding your bike is chic too. And it could take you straight on... Read More

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White Shirt, Blue Jeans The Always Fashionable Outfit. Always
In the light of the new Gaga-fashion, even I had doubts that a simple outfit like a white shirt and a pair of jeans could... Read More

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The Fashion Stop
You could look at these pictures either thinking that this is a STOP sign meant for fashion and style. (as in All Fashion Stops Here... Read More

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Are Totes Still In?
Of course they’re still in! With only one amendment! That they’d be considerably smaller than Camilla Stærk’s here! (photo via)... Read More

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Red Is The New Black!
I know you loved the comfyness of that pink princess so this only comes as a sequel for the first Tokyo-style, Fashion Tales of the... Read More

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Slippers, The New Day Shoes?
The following outfit happens in Japan and though not entirely fictional, it’s completely unrelated with any real daily fashion routine we could most likely see... Read More

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