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Britney’s Hidden Fantasy
Every now and then, there’s a little Britney Spears news popping out and catching my attention. This time it was her new perfume. Called Hidden... Read More

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Stephanie Seymour Covers UK Harper’s Bazaar In November 2008
Covering November’s Icon Issue from UK Harper’s Bazaar gracefully poses Stephanie Seymour in a gorgeous Versace dress. It’s a multicover issue – two instances of... Read More

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Paris Hilton’s Fairy Dust
Paris stubbornness to present herself as a princess or fairy tale-ish character eludes me. There she goes again, Tinkerbell-ish, promoting yet another one of her... Read More

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Claire Danes Advertises For Gucci Fine Jewelry
What do you get when you mix fake sun tan, abundant photoshop and Claire Danes? An advertising campaign! Add some Gucci Fine Jewelry to the... Read More

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Quicksilver Deep Blue Denim Ad Campaign
About two weeks ago, we decided it was time for some denim renewal in our wardrobe. My husband got himself a dark denim loyal boot... Read More

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Christina Aguilera’s Inspire Perfume
“I’m a Genie in a bottle”.. that’s what I remember from early Christina. She seems to be getting back to her old self with this... Read More

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Monica Bellucci For Dior
I’ll take this pretext to touch the Bellucci mania. So – Monica Bellucci is the face for the Dior bags ad campaign. Besides the obvious... Read More

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Eva Mendes Not So Curvy Looks For CK Underwear
I may be in an overcritic mood today, but is my sight deceiving me or these so long awaited ads for Calvin Klein Underwear are... Read More

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