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Would You Wear Yunju Lee’s Unusual Jewelry?
There’s a golden style rule saying that you have to turn your flaws into advantages. Even when those flaws are nothing but everyday minor accidents,... Read More

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Would You Wear Hello Puppet Jewelry By Niza Huang?
Every now and then, I pride myself with finding new and interesting creations, beautiful little things that could set you a part from all others.... Read More

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Beyonce’s Fierce Chanel Globe Earrings Vs Lorraine Schwartz Robo Glove
I can’t get used to calling her whatever-fierce because I don’t see the reason. Beyonce still looks like she always did, she sings like she... Read More

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Love Diamond – It Is All Worth It!
I was looking for a way to keep you posted with the latest chez Mr & Mrs Kpriss (& co)… Well, this Love Diamond ad... Read More

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Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Flowers Diamonds
Now if I can have a monogrammed bag, a monogrammed ring, monogrammed-you-name-it, why not a monogrammed diamond? Montblanc has it, so does Louis Vuitton! The... Read More

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Eva Green’s Montblanc Ad Campaign
A while back, I told you there was going to be a Montblanc advertising campaign featuring Eva Green. I was quite impatient to see how... Read More

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Jean Paul Gaultier’s Bracelet For Your Inner Punk Ballerina!
I wasn’t sure what name to put on this bracelet… I saw it today and wanted to share with you because I found it.. simply... Read More

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Could You Wear Perfume Bottle-Necklaces?
When I saw the Daisy perfume ring, I thought this was it, now they’re all go for little bottles, tiny arrangements to carry your perfume... Read More

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