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Freshface Lilah Parsons
Charming Lilah Parsons is a British Born aspiring beauty running with Profile Model Mgmt, UK. Her dark brown hair and beautiful green eyes make her... Read More

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Freshface Shannan Andersen
Let’s climb up, up the age ladder and go with Shannan Andersen for a Freshface round. Originally from Beaumont California, Shannan was born on December... Read More

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Freshface Brianna Gauthier
Brianna Gauthier is a Quebec-born model wannabe. With an enviable physique 178/61/86 (5’10”/24”/34”) she’s quite ready to face fashion! The only (somewhat) downside is that... Read More

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Adriana Lima, Who?
I’ve always been amazed by the krisskrossing of beautiful genes. Surprising, impressing testimonials of beauty and grace, there’s a new generation of models on the... Read More

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Freshface Shaina Danziger
Perfect 80s revival, Shaina Danziger can swing between Agyness-androgynous playful moods and the 80s femme-fatale. Perfect combination, imperfect look, great ensemble, Shaina has so much... Read More

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BB Is Back!
Move over Kate Moss! The next Brigitte Bardot is Millicent Lambert! A young Australian model channels a perfect, ravishing, blonde bombshell BB! Et Dieu Créa... Read More

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Freshface Vendula Hikova
I knew the Czech Republic was a beautiful place but I forgot how beautiful the Czech girls were! A shallow look on models history would... Read More

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Freshface Alexandrina Turcan
Meet the younger, lighter (in every way) version of Scarlett Johansson! That’s the only thing that came to my mind when I saw this young... Read More

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