Adriana Lima, Who?

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I’ve always been amazed by the krisskrossing of beautiful genes. Surprising, impressing testimonials of beauty and grace, there’s a new generation of models on the rise.

Danielle Henry, Houston born with dark brown hair and brown eyes looks like a successful Adriana LimaJourdan Dunn mix. Just like someone had fun with Adriana Lima’s and Jourdan Dunn’s DNAs, mixing them with great talent and inspiration. Perfectly shaped for modelling, Danielle Henry is truly promising. 179/5’10.5”, 81/32”, 61/24”, 89/35”. What more could you ask? (via)

Danielle Henry

Danielle Henry model


#1 Ellington on 05.15.09 at 12:45 pm

Pretty girl. I hope that she has a good, fun and long career.

#2 f on 05.16.09 at 7:08 am

too skinny >.<

#3 Tyler S. on 06.06.09 at 11:07 pm

I absolutely love everything she has been in she is going to be huge!

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