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Katie Holmes’ Birthday Outfit: Black Jumpsuit Over White Lace Top
Strange things happening today… Seeing Mariacarla in Yves Saint Laurent’s ad hours after talking about her was only the beginning it would appear! Remember that... Read More

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Chloe Sevigny’s Season’s Fashion Disaster
Oh, dear Chloe Sevigny! (sigh) How should I put this? Just because Christmas is coming and you’re wearing red doesn’t mean you’re a joyful, pretty... Read More

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Morena Baccarin’s My Week With Marilyn Premiere Disaster
While the teens of the world are engaged elsewhere (read the Twilight premiere of Breaking Dawn’s first part), My Week With Marilyn was also released... Read More

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Missoni For Target Gone Wrong
As you all know, the fabulous Missoni for Target collection made so many zig zagued dreams possible. And we all love a good dose of... Read More

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Brad Pitt Is A Very Fashionable Guy. Not!
(since you were talking Angelina and Brad earlier today, I thought a surprise would be in order – wink) Although I’m convinced he regards himself... Read More

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Tyra Banks From Fashion Disaster To Fashion Master Wearing Eyebrow Jewelry
In just a matter of hours! I looked and looked at the pictures below, I kept telling myself that that wasn’t Tyra. Not the Tyra... Read More

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What To Wear At Starbucks. Not.
Remember what Taylor Momsen was wearing for a coffee cup run? I’m sure Lady Gaga has seen that picture and thought she could surely surpass... Read More

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What To Wear In Florence. Not.
We talked earlier about what Nicole Scherzinger was wearing on a summery summer day in Paris, why not talk about something similar, only happening in... Read More

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