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Thursday’s Shoes Around The Blog
Have you noticed how hard it is to find an item you’re very specific about and know exactly how it should look like? That’s how... Read More

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Accessories Blogaround!
Today I’ll talk accessories. And because accessories are meant to spice up every outfit, no matter how dull, I thoroughly searched the internet up and... Read More

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Funny Makes The Blogs Go Round!
Today I thought I should deliver some fancy stylish fun for your stylefrizz faithful eyes. And the blogosphere is the place to search for high... Read More

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Kirsten Dunst Harper’s Bazaar October 2008
It’s always a pleasure for me to see Kirsten. I liked her ever since Interview with a Vampire, a movie I’m very fond of. I... Read More

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Monday Blogaround – Romantic Wear
It seems all weekends come with a story of their own in my family. The other one we lost our breaks, this one, we got... Read More

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Midweek Blogaround – Project Getaway
Because the internet in its vastitude has so many style aspects and so many fashion escapees, I decided it was about time I got you... Read More

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Fast Linkage : Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman Pictured Together for W
The Other Boleyin Girl brought together Scarlett and Natalie for a picture side by side for W magazine. It’s not easy to find a man... Read More

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Fast Linkage: Recreating Hitchcock in Vanity Fair March 2008
I’ve come across a subject I’ve being meaning to share with you. It’s a daring photo shoot with scenes from Hitchcock movies recreated with today’s... Read More

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