Monday Blogaround – Romantic Wear

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It seems all weekends come with a story of their own in my family. The other one we lost our breaks, this one, we got a virus invasion.

So I have to delegate your faithful reading to some of my fellow bloggers, as wonderful as they are, with their surprising stories, pieces of heavenly distraction. I hope you enjoy this blog roundup and in the mean time, we’re hitting hard, heavy artillery on the villain virus getting to my family!

Ballet A View To Outfit

I’d like to begin this round up with a vintage ladylike air that fills my lungs with appreciation for some long gone fashion glory era.
…so strikingly different from our ever-so-skinny days gone into the outfits too.
Let me rock this romance out of you with some Union Jack booties.
…or with a healthy Katie Holmes obsession

On a second thought, I think I’ll get back to romance, at first on the Red Carpet,
and for the grand finale, with a crazy gorgeous ballet outfit. What would be your choice?


#1 Miss Cavendish on 09.08.08 at 5:06 pm

Thanks for the shout-out! I too was felled by a home virus for a week. I wonder whether something’s invading the fashion bloggers?!

#2 Ellington on 09.08.08 at 5:37 pm

Oh, please get well soon! All of your family!
: )
Thanks for the other Blog references I will check them out, but I will patiently await your healthy return to my inbox! : )

#3 Material Girl on 09.08.08 at 10:24 pm

Thanks for the link, sweets…and the interesting bone roundup! I’ve always thought that my ideal tattoo would be an outline of my vertebrae on my back. Seriously, in white, wouldn’t it be cool? Until my pain threshold increases tenfold, though, I’ll go for ribcage fashion.

#4 irene on 09.09.08 at 4:32 am

oh, I like it!

#5 kpriss on 09.09.08 at 5:21 am

Thank you, girls, I’m 90% operational now, back and kickin’!

Miss Cavendish, that may be something to consider – given that the nasty virus kept me away from NY Fashion Week…

Ellington – got it! I’m working on it already!

Material Girl, I think you should reconsider that tattoo project ;) (besides being awful painful to get one, especially this close to the bone as the back is, they’re impossible to remove without traces…)

Irene, anytime!

#6 Dolly Bird on 09.09.08 at 12:28 pm

I went thru a virus,or rather it went thru me last week so you and the family have all my sympathies.Glad to hear you’re back and kickin crass!

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