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Dare To Wear Beth Morgan Fascinators?
There was a gem hibernating in my Inbox and I had no idea about it! (spam folders! Sigh!) However, since I’m all into mailbox goodies,... Read More

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Converse Hi-Top Socks
Who doesn’t love a pair of bright, funny socks? Colored, striped, with flowers, with stars, anything works for a happy feet day! But what do... Read More

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Dare To Wear The Bike Tire Belts By Julien Jaborska?
I have thought about cycling in many ways, but almost none of those implied wearing my bicycle tires! Maybe I’m just not such a biker... Read More

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Today’s Most Daring Headpiece
Comes from our beloved, the one and only, the fiercest of them all wee monsters, Laaaadyyyy Gaga! And no, she’s not serving in a restaurant... Read More

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Most Fashionable Gloves. Dish In Style
Why would anyone spare even a second of style while doing the chores? Take for instance doing the dishes! You think that’s not a time... Read More

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Nina Ricci Heelless Shoes Vs Phylea Shoes
As I feared before and shared the cold sweat of terror slowly pouring down my spine, I’m at it again: my latest fashero quest! And... Read More

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Alexander Wang Sunglasses For Linda Farrow At Opening Ceremony
Since first seeing those cat shades on Dree Hemingway a while back, I dreamed about wearing a pair. I’ve been terribly lazy about it and... Read More

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Louis Vuitton Animania Collection
Do you remember Louis Vuitton’s campaign for this Winter? The magic, enchanted one? Well, it seems they’re not willing to give up the enchanted too... Read More

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