Prince, The Billboard Icon!

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I grew up with Prince. (oh, that came out weird!) I used to listen to Prince’s songs when I was a child. Then I listen to more. Symbol, The Artist Formerly Known as Prince and so forth, but it all comes down to Prince. His undeniable musical genius keep his sound just as fresh and appealing today as it did nearly 40 years ago when he started his career.

(I even added a video of his latest musical release after the jump to testify to that!) Aside from his musical talents, Prince has a unique style. Both on and off stage. Of course I won’t refer myself to his personal life, although that’s where the real Prince is, but to his stage life. And there, Prince’s representation was always flamboyant and electrifyingly fashionable.

Prince Billboard Icon cover

Take this Billboard cover photo signed by Justine Walpole for instance! Have you ever seen shades like that? Of course you didn’t! It takes someone like Prince to pull them off with style and panache!

Prince will be honored at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards (May 19th) with a Billboard Icon Award – I can’t wait his performance, he’s a master of live stage shows!

Prince s stage fashion

Prince Billboard Icon


#1 Ellington on 01.25.13 at 9:00 am

It is nice to see him!
He is a musical genius! : )

#2 Appollonia on 01.25.13 at 5:24 pm

You were a child when you used listen to Prince? OMG….I feel soooooo old now….I saw Prince for the first time at his third concert in my country. The first one had hardly any visitors although if you hear my fellow country people it must have been in a mega stadium concert!! Liars! The second one was sold out so fast we couldn’t get a ticket…..but Prince loved it here so much, he still does, he did a second show. A GF decided to stay the night over for a ticket. We were the third in line. I lived near the place where the tickets were sold so she sent me home and asked me to return early in the morning with breakfast and coffee. Which I did. Lols the faces of the people waiting in line…..and we had our tickets! On the seventh row….my goodness…..Sheila E. was still with him and so were Lisa and Wendy….It was The Sign of the Times tour….

….and in a certain club they used to play Little Red Corvette when I was in….

I been since then a few times to his concerts. But nothing, nothing beat that first time…..I was convinced I saw God…..he certainly is the master of live stage shows. Never the same set lists. If he does three shows one needs three tickets!!

(No disrespect to religious people I can’t say it different – it felt like that….)

#3 Appollonia on 01.25.13 at 5:26 pm

OMG, that’s looooong…, yes I LOVE Prince…..even though this song is not really surprising. He’s God and can’t do no wrong……

#4 Appollonia on 01.25.13 at 6:58 pm

Ohh, no…..we Wendy and Lisa were gone by then….but we have been to their show after their first album had been released. Awesome women!! :)

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