Bearded Jude Law’s Anna Karenina NY Times T Magazine

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New York Times Style Magazine has thought about a nice birthday cover for Jude Law, this Holiday issue. Jude is turning 40! And if we’re to believe him, he’s happy he’s no longer the ‘pretty thing’.

But what he is, though, is an actor in the new ‘Anna Karenina’ which seems to be in the box office ring, dodging ‘Les Miserables’ success bullets this season. Classic tales, we’ll see who’ll be the winner (I have my bets set on Les Mis, you?). For the moment let’s concentrate on Jude Law and his NY Times pictorial. Which was artfully executed by Sam Taylor Johnson (MMM H & M’s campaign, if the name doesn’t ring any particular bell) and edited by Bruce Pask. (don’t miss the rest: hit the jump or click here for the gallery!)

bearded Jude Law T Magazine

What I find interesting is that, although by my standards, hitting 40 is not ‘not young’ anymore, Jude Law seems to advocate for seriousness, soberness, carelessness, grooming – less (I admit I have a fiery passion for my Adored Husband beard, so I really think that’s certainly not about age) and more-ness. Jude’s T Magazine interview (read it here) revolves around him being a father, an activist and an old soul. Would that be because the media has went through all his personal life, turned it inside out and then some? Does that makes him old already?

Jude Law the NY Times Style magazine Holidays cover Jude Law T magazine Sam Taylor Johnson photo Jude Law T magazine December 2012

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#1 Ellington on 12.11.12 at 8:18 pm

He has just gets better with age.
: )

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