Edward Norton Between Bourne Legacy And The Signature Center

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Edward Norton, my dahlings! If this isn’t turning my boiling blood into honey, than that wall decal was for nothing. Did you know that Edward Norton hasn’t quit acting?

More so, did you know that Edward Norton was involved in something bigger than acting the last couple of years? Or… did you know that Edward Norton is a fan of Anna Wintour? I didn’t! I was really tempted to believe that his big years are gone and he had gone missing in some dark despair, something in the genre of “The Artist”. Because, after seeing The Avengers this year, I was even more convinced that Edward Norton as The Hulk was an epic fail.

Edward Norton Menswear magazine cover

But no – no – no! Edward Norton, although notably missing from the Hollywood scene, kept busy during the last years with the High Line project (remember Diane Von Furstenberg was one of the supporters of the High Line Park). But he also lobbied for the Pershing Square Signature Center in Manhattan, as one of the seven patrons of the Signature Theatre’s company new playground designed by the one and only Frank Gehry!

Edward Norton Menswear magazine

The noble theatre initiative and a new movie for Edward Norton – these are the reasons he’s back in the spotlight. And, to be honest, reading the interview, I think the balance is inclined in the favor of the Signature Center, not of his new Hollywood produce, The Bourne Legacy! (either way, if you needed more reason to go watch the new Bourne, other than Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner, than consider watching it for Edward Norton)

Edward Norton wearing his suit

Edward Norton black and white photo

Edward Norton fashionable

Signature Theater Pershing Center

Signature Center by Frank Gehry

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#1 Riana on 07.11.12 at 7:53 am

Brilliant actor! I became an instant fan after watching Primal Fear. I miss Ed on the big screen in great parts that’s suits his talents as good as what he wears since he’s also a fashion man.

Thanks for this Kpriss :)

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