Casual Perfection: Navy, Stripes And Yellow

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There are days when, although I have a big idea about what to wear, I feel like something’s missing from the big style picture. Something that’ll make the outfit special.

Stripes are a fashion must. Navy stripes for summer make perfect casual style outfits. Sunshine yellow is great to make navy stripes pop! So simple and great, huh? {I haven’t located the rightful owner of the picture, although I searched assiduously, please step forward if you have information!}

perfect casual outfit navy stripes and yellow

I’m taking this opportunity to confess to no less than 5 horizontal striped tops in my wardrobe. Shorter, longer, they all have long sleeves and feel heavenly chic in every combination.

If you were used to the classic navy and white mariniere, might as well debunk a bit of its history – the striped top is called ‘mariniere’ because it was first popularized by the sailors part of the French National Navy hence marin (French for marine)-iere.

History of the navy striped top Coco Chanel french sailors

Although the great Coco Chanel was seen wearing the striped top in the late 20s, it wasn’t until the early 60s that official documents mentioned the structure of the naval uniform as having 20 to 21 indigo blue narrow stripes opposed to wider, 20 white stripes.

But beyond history and time, versions of the mariniere, brown and beige striped tops are just as fabulous! wide or narrow stripes, they’re all as classic as they are classy. So don’t think you have enough of them! When in outfit doubts, scoop the mariniere and think of one of these classic combos.

Navy stripes and yellow:

navy stripes yellow colors combo

Navy stripes and red:

navy stripes red colors combo

Brown stripes and soft blue:

brown stripes soft blue colors combo

Brown stripes and vivid green:

brown stripes bright green colors combo

Red stripes and grey:

red stripes grey colors combo

Pink stripes and grey:

pink stripes soft grey colors combo

Pink stripes and purple:

pink stripes purple colors combo

… these are just some of my favorite striped combos. Which ones do you favor?


#1 Ellington on 05.06.12 at 9:34 am

Very cute, very classic. : )

#2 Riana on 05.07.12 at 5:38 am

Ah, ny every year summer, holiday look since…..since a long, long time. Third season with my red bag but new jeans and still new last years top ;)

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