One Dress, Three Ways To Wear It

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This is just a variation of the Favorite Summer Dress list, in which I’ll take one of the dresses I’d really like to wear this summer and mix’n’match it with various pieces in three (different) styles. The thing is, you see, with Anthropologie’s dresses, that no matter what you do, dress is up or dress it down, an Anthropologie dress is lovely in every / any occasion.

And if you don’t believe me, all you have to do is hit the jump to see how you can wear one dress in three different ways from day to night and look gorgeous each and every time! So this first style below is Anthropologie’s suggestion. After the jump let’s see what I would do for a normal day outfit:

Ruffled Red Dress Summer Anthropologie

Now for a chilly spring morning, you can always take a cardi with you, and, if you’re always cold, like I am (I’m a summer child, remember? I can’t befriend the chilly weather under no circumstances), you can take your ballet flats. Or, be courageous and go for the flatforms. As far as the bag goes, you can choose between a roomy tote and a colorful clutch (or both) depending on what errands you have to run for the day.

Casual Red Dress for Summer Days

Later on, you can try the smart approach with a dark blazer with pink rolled sleeves and either a pair of gorgeous sky high wedge sandals or flat tongs with golden details. Here too you can choose between two bags – a nice, summery tote and a silver, perforated tote. Bottom line is that you have one dress and three ways (or more) to wear it and be uber stylish and ultra fashionable all the time, at all times. Smart or casual, it’s up to you. (all the pieces are from Anthropologie; and no, Anthropologie still doesn’t have the slightest idea who I am and how passionately I love their clothes! – wink-)

Summer Red Dress Smart Outfits

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