Michel Hazanavicius Styles Jean Reno, Georgia May Jagger For Harper’s Bazaar

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If you loved The Artist, you’ll love this pictorial! I honestly had great reserves about watching The Artist. It is, after all, a silent movie, you know? In the middle of the 3D, IMAX hi – tech cinema era, a silent movie? Come on? Who’d want to watch it?

We watched it! And we want to watch it again! And again! The music was a charmer, so were the two main actors (plus the wee dog) so if you haven’t had the Artist pleasure yet, do hurry! It’s one precious piece of movie! Now back to Harper’s Bazaar: in their April 2012 issue, Max Farago photographed the legendary French actor Jean Reno with Georgia May Jagger. (check out the rest of the images after the jump!)

Jean Reno Georgia May Jagger Harpers Bazaar picture

And as if Jean Reno wasn’t enough to highlight this special pictorial, guess who styled it? Michel HazanaviciusThe Artist’s Director! Flapper dresses, long necklaces, fancy headbands, what a wonderful pictorial! Georgia May looks less natural than the great Jean Reno, but it’s a beautiful idea anyway and a wonderful surprise in April’s HB issue!

Michel Hazanavicius pictorial in Harpers Bazaar

Harpers Bazaar Georgia May Jagger by Michel Hazanavicius Whats in a Mime Harpers Bazaar story by Michel Hazanavicius Jean Reno Harpers Bazaar pictorial by Michel Hazanavicius

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