Karolina Kurkova, Crystal Renn Interview’s Institutionalized In White.By Steven Klein

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Hardly your average fashion pictorial, Steven Klein’s photo session with Karolina Kurkova and Crystal Renn from Interview magazine is set to make some fashion noise! Though I’m certain that fashion people, in their quest for extraordinary will hurry in pinning this with impeccably positive attributes, I’m compelled to remind them that this would be a great moment to apologize to Franca Sozzani for calling her “Over the Top” story over the top.

(if you think the image below doesn’t imply begging for fashion forgiveness from sweet, innocent Franca, do head on to Interview’s website to check out the rest of the pictorial. And then do as your heart tells you to! Don’t forget to comment on the state of things after you’ve seen the entire set!)

Karolina Kurkova Crystal Renn Institutionalized in White by Steven Klein Interview

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