Dido & A.R Rahman If I Rise

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How was your weekend? Amazing, I trust? It’s time for a new week, are you ready? Let’s take it slowly, one step at the time, let the new week grow on us.

I tried to find a good moment to share one of my favorite songs ever, performed by two very talented artists who always make me feel peaceful and fill my heart with shining light: Dido and A. R Rahman. I think that now it’s a good day to listen “If I Rise”. It’s one of the Original Songs nominated for an Oscar award last year (2011) for it’s from the original soundtrack of Danny Boyle’s “127 Hours”. So if you’re not familiar with the movie, be warned, the following video is definitely a spoiler. If you don’t want to know anything about “127 Hours” previous to actually watching the film, just close your eyes and let yourself carried away by the wonderful music!

Dido wrote the lyrics for If I Rise with her brother, Rollo, but the real magic comes from A. R. Rahman’s music. His harpejji (the instrument you see him touching in the video) is ethereal and calls for no other comment about this song. Just listen to it. It’s powerful yet soft, it’s glittery yet dark. I really hope you enjoyed it! (as for the movie – I kept away – even the video was strong enough to make my heart twist and turn; so I don’t plan on watching it any time soon either. Maybe, one day…)

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