Try Oversize Slouchy Tees And Jersey Basics: Gap Pure!

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More than once I confessed my love for oversized clothing pieces – there’s nothing comfier than a slouchy sweater for lazy day lounging around, relaxing weekends and so forth. There’s nothing more body hugging than an oversized tee! (yes! You may think it’s not, but actually, oversized clothes fall way better on your body than those that are very tight, crimpled and constantly needing your hands to fall back on shape and place)

I say: try once! You’ll instantly feel better – in your head because body glove type of clothing only sustain our body’s insecurities by emphasizing every line, every curve, everything – even your underwear. And you’ll feel better because you won’t have to pull your tee down every five minutes or so, you won’t have to worry for bending over and showing too much cleavage or back… (the story continues right after the jump!)

Gap Pure oversize tees Slouchy sweaters

If only because of those two reasons and you’ll look better already! All the stress is out the window! I only wrote two of the motifs pushing me, every day, to choose loose fitted clothes instead of stretch, tight cuts. What are yours? I’d like to hear the pros and, why not, the cons! Either way, all this started because of a new line launching with the Gap: Gap Pure – it’s a complimenting line, joining the already amazing Gap Body collection. Jersey tees, slouchy, comfy knits ranging between $24 and $68. I’m a fan!

slouchy tees Gap Pure

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