Billy Mack Christmas Is All Around. Love Actually Soundtrack

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Since I happened to mention this movie earlier (you know, during my New Year’s Eve rant), this wonderful piece of music came to mind: Billy Mack singing Christmas is All Around on Love Actually’s OST, one of my favorite movies, especially during the Holidays season!

I really hope and cross my fingers for more great movies like this one! Have you any suggestions? What I should try other than this? Oh, enough with the small talk, let’s give it to Bill Nighy.. ahem Billy Mack for a good round of Christmas is All Around!

The song is obviously a cover of Love is All Around performed by The Troggs in the late sixties. You may be familiar with the song from its numerous covers (R.E.M. and Wet Wet Wet – this one was even included on another famous British movie’s soundtrack “Four Weddings and a Funeral”), but the truth is that Bill Nighy’s character from Love, Actually was such a candid, close to reality rock star trying to gain his life as a sober act, I can’t do otherwise but consider this piece of silly Christmas song as one of my favorite. I do hope you’ve enjoyed it. Remember, I’m always eager to find out about your Christmas playlists!

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