What To Wear With My Jeans For A Party Look

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I was thinking that sometimes I find myself lost in wardrobe transitions and when I want to put together a simple outfit for an evening or a night out in the town, I either go for too much or too casual.

What I’d need is a simple piece to spice it all up, to add the glamour and the glitz an evening out needs. But without overdoing it and going all red carpet just to grab a nice medium rare stake and a late night movie. So, to make it special but not too much, this is what I’d need. Maybe you too? What do you think? It’s a sequined button down shirt, lovely in my opinion (and would’ve been just perfect if it wouldn’t have been waist long but long enough to be tucked into my skinny jeans – or any other jeans I’d be wearing).

Party outfit sequined shirt

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