Angelina Jolie’s Louis Vuitton Campaign Video

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It’s yet uncertain if this will become the official Louis Vuitton Core Values ad campaign video, however, Angelina Jolie’s video with her walking around carelessly in the woods, wearing the exact same outfit as she does in the official campaign image is something you don’t want to miss!

Why? Well because even if you may or may not remember the reports about Angelina’s Louis Vuitton campaign, you surely heard about some of the after comments: for instance they said she wasn’t wearing any makeup for the campaign. Which is blatantly false as proved by the very first image and sustained by the video below. There was also something about Brad Pitt being Angelina’s husband I’m still waiting to be cleared. In the mean time, let’s take a look at the video (and just in case it will disappear, I took the liberty to phase out few images, find them right after the jump!) (via)

Angelina Jolie Louis Vuitton journey Cambodia

Angelina Jolie walking in Cambodia LV

Angelina Jolie Louis Vuitton Cambodia

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