The Inside Out Style

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Remember we talked about how fashion is bringing the underwear at the rank of garment in its own right or, by the powers of layering, a simple piece of lingerie can become the highlight of an outfit. If that was made possible by the influence of Gaga, it’s yet unclear, but very likely.

The art, much like fashion, is not without sensibility to the new inside out manifested trend. So, here to inspire us, the wonderful, amazing, magic photography of Lori Nix! It’s one of those “wow” moments when all I can do is stare. How about you? (yes, the images are digitally manipulated, but oh! what a wonderful result!) (Lori Nix via)

Lori Nix amazing photography

Lori Nix amazing photo

Lori Nix amazing photography 1 Lori Nix amazing photography 2 Lori Nix amazing photography 3

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#1 jhon mathew on 05.09.11 at 11:52 pm

Looking like a original picture and that’s what we call an art and its really a beautiful work done and must say that its a hard work result

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