Perfect Holidays Hairdo: The Messy, Twisted Bun

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The messy bun, you know it already. The messy twisted bun? Well, think Camilla Belle and scroll down to see her proudly showing off her messy twisted updo! It’s the new hair it, you better bet all your looks money on it!

While you may find the following “how to” pretty complicated, just think “messy bun” and twist it your way, I’m sure you’ll find just the right amount of messy for your special updo! (anyway, if you’re curious to know how Camilla Belle’s coiffure reached its messy peak, click through, it’s all after the jump!)

Camilla Belle Twisted Messy Hair updo

What you need: hairpins, wax and a curling iron. Now take a bit of wax, rub it on your palms and then grab sections of your hair and squeeze it in your palms. The essential amount of wax should go on your hair ends (you should do that with your hair upside down, to add a bit of volume or you could simply finger comb some styling mousse through your hair, as close as possible to the roots).

Camilla Belle Twisted Messy hairdo

Second step: section your hair in four – front, middle, right and left. Start by pulling back your right and middle section into a high ponytail and twist it around before pinning it down.

Third step: take your left side and twist it into a rope, around the ear, along the head, pinning it down all the way to the back. Now take the front section, bring it atop of the first one you pulled together and pin it carefully after creating a little bump.

If you have bangs – this should be your fourth step – part your bangs and bring them across your forehead. If you don’t have bangs – then your fourth step is pulling out hair from your already pinned do with the end of your comb.

Now you’re all Camilla Belle – set! If you’re looking for a simpler messy bun, then just pull your hair back like you were aiming for a high ponytail. Then take sections from the ponytail and twist it around itself then pin it down. Repeat until finishing the sections (which could be anywhere from two to 4, depending on your texture and volume). After pinning down each section you should have had acquired a big, messy bun. It’s all up to you, after all, we all know messy, right? (via)

Camilla Belle Messy hair updo

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