Keira Knightley’s New Short Bob Haircut

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From Emma Watson’s very short new haircut to Anne Hathaway’s (fake, true, but we still had few days of short certitude) boy haircut, there’s a wave of scissors liberty in our beloved celebs locks. Not that we mind, au contraire! It’s just that our usual trend setter, Victoria Beckham decided to let her hair grow (either that, or she opted for a glamorous set of extensions, comme d’habitude) and I feel a bit undecided whether to think that the new it is long or short. So now, with Keira Knightley showing off her new bob haircut, we’re right inbetween: it’s not short, short, it surely ain’t long either!

That’s because I care to share with you only the latest trends out there – I won’t touch my long wavy locks no matter what trends sweep the fashion shores. I’m an old fashioned girl, plus – do you have any idea how many years it takes for frizzy hair to grow? Not that it wouldn’t, it’s just that the longer it grows, the more it curls and twists and stubbornly keeps the same (visual) length for months and months. Years, even! Now getting back to Keira – which hair cut compliments her better? (photos via)

Keira Knightley new short bob haircut

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#1 Mandi on 10.08.10 at 7:52 am

it looks great on her!

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