Lady Gaga, Marc Jacobs, Marina Abramovic, Tyson Ballou V67 The NY Issue

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How do you learn diplomacy? I’m not really good at it. I just think and then fire away. Which is not the best one can do. Especially when talking about Marc Jacobs and Lady Gaga.

People seem to love these two no matter what. I think they’re trying too much sometimes. Especially Gaga. She’s the epitome of trying too much. Why V Magazine chose these two for their Fall 2010 67 issue, the New York Issue beats my immediate logic. Sure, the cover reads Fashion and Art in the most exciting city on Earth!, sure I could be fooled by the fashion and art principles as to overcome my disapproval of Gaga being in any way meaningful to NY, the States or any other State on Earth. But no-oh. Not me! (don’t miss the other three covers right after the jump!)

Lady Gaga Marc Jacobs V Magazine fall 2010 cover

I’m actually impressed by Marc Jacobs and the huge amount of textiles he has on! Bravo Marc! You did it! You kept your clothes on for once! A compliment I can’t spawn on Lady Gaga for obvious reasons (why she has that expression on her face? Like she’s begging or something?), more so since she’s embodying the Statue of Liberty, a pretty strong symbol to mess with.

Lady Gaga Marc Jacobs V 67 fall 2010 cover

Don’t forget the V! The multicolored one is made of chewing gum, the other two are made of graffiti and painting fragments, all in the name of art. Oh, and there’s the fourth cover – Marina Abramovic and Tyson Ballou. That really blew me over! I admit, when it comes to modern art, I’m pretty perplexed by what people do and name art. What do you make of these covers? (V via)

Lady Gaga Marc Jacobs V 67 fall 2010 NY Issue cover

Marina Abramovic Tyson Ballou V 67 fall 2010 cover

V67 THE NEW YORK ISSUE. from V Magazine on Vimeo.

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#1 Ellington on 09.02.10 at 4:12 pm

i have to say that Marc Jacobs look so very handsome in his tux. I like to see him with his clothes on, but I still would not get this magazine… maybe if it was just him on the cover in his tux. : )

By the way Kpriss where is the men of style that you promised featuring
Simon Baker? ; )

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