What Do Men Really Really Love About Women?

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Don’t you love a title like this one? Looks right out of your monthly Cosmo, doesn’t it? It may be just one of those cheesy tag lines meant to make you buy the magazine, but doesn’t it always trick you into doing it? Because you really want to know what’s inside those men – minds and how they work?

Basically, men like natural women. Shocking, isn’t it? Especially when I think of a study I read in a magazine somewhere according to which, women end up swallowing huge quantities of lipstick during their (makeup active) existence! Men like women without makeup (did they ever told you that they actually find lip gloss to be gross?), they really love it when you don’t curl/straighten your hair and leave it just like it is, natural. Oh, and also – men love your natural hair color! How’s that for a change? Be true to yourself, to your nature and love being natural more than anything. Men will end up loving your for who you really are, underneath all those layers and makeup cakes! (sure, they also love a seriously long pair of eyelashes, a round tummy, when you speak your mind, when you do all those little things you do, they love your job, your style and pretty much everything else about you!). What’s the craziest thing you’ve heard a man love about his woman? (via)

what men love about women


#1 deka on 08.26.10 at 11:20 am

round belly??! WOO HOO :)

#2 café au lait on 08.26.10 at 3:02 pm

When I want to drive crazy my hubby, I’m home without shoes with a simple very long dress in which when I move it suggests my curves, he’s playing piano looking at me and he says ou’re like a forbidden fruit and I have permission!
my mother when she sees me she’s telling me that I have to be attractive put on makeup and clothes that show more, I know she’s wrong.
definetly he like my curves, and my darkskin that everyone want to see lightened.

ps: he’s not here I miss him.

#3 Eliza on 08.26.10 at 4:20 pm

It had been a ‘long winter’ and I hadn’t shaved my legs for quite some time. I was concerned about how alluring my bf found this but when I asked him he told me he wouldn’t care if I was as hairy as an orangutan – he’d still love me as much as ever. What a guy! Such is love!

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