Extreme Shoes Not Fashionable Anymore Said Bruno Frisoni

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We’ve heard that one before, haven’t we? They all warned us last year that there’ll be no more high heels around. That the reign of the towering heel is over. And so the fashindustry has found a new way to go around that: the towering platforms.

However, Bruno Frisoni now tries to make it more official by putting a designer name on the extinction order. The creative mind behind Roger Vivier shoe works said that everyone (and their dog if we give it time) wears extreme shoes. Which, logically, doesn’t make it extreme anymore. It makes it ordinary. Gaga wouldn’t approve, I’m sure (if she only gave a flying duck on what we think/wear). So with the authority invested in me by Bruno Frisoni, shoe designer extraordinaire, I’m telling you that in order to be fashionable, you have to wear flat shoes and low/mid heels! How do you see the new heel world order? (via)

New It Shoes Bruno Frisoni

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#1 Ellington on 08.18.10 at 1:58 pm

I like it as they do look nice with certain outfits but you will always have some say that flat shoes are a blight on fashion, but to them I say no they are not.

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