Material Girl Who? Meet Lola!

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Now before we’ll get the chance to see the actual collection, Lourdes (yep, Madonna’s daughter) comes with something more… contemporary: a blog! Yes, Lourdes has her very first entry already on the “Material Girl Collection” blog, entitled “Meet Lola”.

Though I vaguely recollect Madonna was firm against touching anything TV or computer related (that was, I admit, in her Richie years, so maybe things have changed lately. Hopefully), Lourdes is aloud to write on her blog. This and that, much about nothing, fashion and trends. Pretty way to start, huh? A collection and a blog in the same time! Well, we’re not all under her Madgesty scepter, aren’t we? (via)

Lola Lourdes

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#1 Adriana on 07.05.10 at 4:01 am

Your memory is okay Kpriss. Lola is in her teens so she probably had enough of these silly rules or mamma Madonna is reinventing herself this time via her offspring?

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