The Push – Up Bra. World’s First!

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For all of you out there still bringing thank you prayers to the Gods of Wonderbra (me included, occasionally) – there goes the epiphany: Wonderbra didn’t invent the push up bra! Oh, no, it was around for a couple of hundred years already!

Find it hard to believe? Say hello to the world’s first push-up bra! It was created in the early 1800s and though it may not be appealing in our calendar, it was actually enhanced to give it a plus (the lace detailing for a more interesting cleavage). Where can you see it? At the Science Museum in London (clearly the push-up technique is considered a science) for just a one-night show : April 28, 2010 is the night you’d want to go visit the Science Museum! (via)

World s first push up bra

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#1 Adriana on 04.28.10 at 8:03 am

Yeah, I knew about this. But would I love to see this for real, omg, yes!

Awww, we used old panties when we were young and poor to afford a the real Wonderbra to “push up” our tender boobies. :)

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