Tavi Taken Down For Yohji

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Tavi Gevinson’s blog has been taken down (by her very own hosting – Blogger that is, owned by Google, that is) because of a particular picture (rumor has it). She published that picture for her 14th birthday with hopes that her 14th year will be even better than her (already amazing) 13th. And so it started, it seems!

Master Google has judged the content inappropriate (and I can relate to that, talking about a 14-year-old and certainly her readers around the same ages, at least) and they made the blog private. Spokespersons from grand master G’s offices say they’ve apologized for wrongful sanctioning and opened her blog again. Hm. It appears Tavi‘s not easy to please and she has taken her blog elsewhere (tavi-thenewgirlintown.blogspot.com is now redirected to thestylerookie.com). Too bad for Google… (read more here and here)

Tavi Yohji ad

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#1 Adriana on 04.28.10 at 7:00 am

I’ve read her blog and saw this photo. Shut down that blog because of that photo? Why? Gimme a break! Can Google please stop with their inappropriate adverts and such? That bothers me lot. Thanks!
I’ve never read Tavi’s blog really until last week I believe? I read a lot. I find her interesting and smart. She’s supported by her parents, that’s obvious. So why does Master Google interfere? What’s so wrong with Maggi’s photo? Tavi is 14? So what? Ha, see what kids are exposed too!! And every 14 year old can find the same photo here and worse…..Terry Richardson? How often do I browse and find things my eyes rather wouldn’t have not seen at all? That’s the internet! Take it or leave it.

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