Alessandra Ambrosio’s Victoria’s Secret

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I endlessly marvel at some photographers and stylists capacities of literally, visually transforming one’s body for an image. Alessandra Ambrosio is certainly not known for her curvy body. However, for this shot (and so many more), Victoria’s Secret commissioned army of people in charge took Alessandra’s body to a new level of appeal.

Victoria’s Secret is a successful lingerie name selling so much more than frills and lace. They’re selling dreams with a price tag. People seeing Alessandra’s photos (below, more right after the jump or simply click here for the gallery!) could buy VS undies hoping they’ll end up looking like her.

Alessandra Ambrosio Victoria s Secret frills

It’s the way they sell the product that matters so much more than the product itself. Do you think those who buy VS lingerie think about how ethical the industrial process of producing such tiny pieces of dream is? Or how skin – friendly the fabrics really are? after all, (at least some of them) they’re buying those lingerie pieces just to take them off. What’s the point in worrying who and how makes them? And Victoria’s Secret is just a modest, popular example.

Alessandra Ambrosio Victoria s Secret back

What do you look for when you’re buying underwear? The fabric? The cut? The fit? All that and more? Do you get along with some label(s) more than other(s)? Once you find your fit/cut, the next time you’ll be buying lingerie, will you immediately turn to that fit/cut? What about gifts? Did you ever receive lingerie as a gift? (photos via)

Alessandra Ambrosio Victoria s Secret seahorse

Alessandra Ambrosio Victoria s Secret pink

Alessandra Ambrosio Victoria s Secret 1 Alessandra Ambrosio Victoria s Secret 2 Alessandra Ambrosio Victoria s Secret 3


#1 Rob Schneider rules on 04.14.10 at 6:45 pm

What size does VS underwear go up to? What’s the biggest cup size?

#2 Adriana on 04.16.10 at 6:20 am

RSr: you should order their catalogue for once. I believe you’ve to pay for it? I’ve did it once but my ex had more fun with it than I did. :D
I’ve heard from ladies who have VS lingerie how wonderful their underwear is. One has a nice bosom so their sizes have big cup sizes. She can’t live without these bra’s as she claims.

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