Packaging Style: Banana Leaves

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If you’ve seen the last episode of Lost (one of the few TV series I actually watch, raison de plus – it’s Lost’s last season…), you might have noticed Miles carrying some food to Linus on a banana leaf. I don’t know if that was inspired by real life facts or the other way around (my logic leads me to the last hypothesis, since this Lost episode wasn’t aired until now and the banana leaf incident didn’t struck me before, even if they were shown eating or around camp pretty often).

To keep it short: there’s a new packaging at the eco-horizon: the banana leaves! The idea was showcased at a design competition and its author, Tal Marco, really brings something old however strikingly new to the concept of packaging. We are talking about food packaging, not handbags or jewelry. Though… What do you think? Would you wrap your sandwich in a banana leaf? (via)

Banana Leaves packaging

Banana leaf sandwich wrap


#1 Ellington on 03.12.10 at 5:16 pm

Sure why not?! If it keeps it fresh and it is green, why not?! :)

#2 Marni on 03.13.10 at 4:38 am

Hi, I’m from Malaysia. Here in my country, banana leaves are widely use as a food packaging. Most commonly used as a wrapper for ‘nasi lemak’ or ‘rice in cream’ literally. So, I think Lost get the idea from my country. LOL

#3 café au lait on 03.13.10 at 12:36 pm

or from my country!!! lol,
the idea come from tropical countries where banana leaves are commonly used as food packaging,
I’m from Rwanda and we use it to package every thing, the meal, …
for me it’s nothing special, I’m glad that they will ue it because it’s very resistant and it can stay green somme days,

#4 Adriana on 03.15.10 at 8:37 am

And I thought it was very normal in all countries were bananas grows! :)

#5 Daydreamer on 03.19.10 at 12:03 pm

In Thailand we use lots of banana leaves as food package, especially the original Thai sweets. There are also food that the leaves are used as servers. But this idea is way more innovative than we use. So I like it.

#6 ridzwan on 06.29.11 at 8:25 pm

it is not only banana leaves being used for packaging, rural malaysian has also been using lotus leaves, yam leaves and even rubber leaves for food packaging.. but it has always been the same traditional style of packing the food… it need to be relook with new concept of packaging design..

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