Michelle Rodriguez Does Maxim January 2010

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I decided to bring Michelle Rodriguez to your attention, with a Maxim pictorial, because of Rihanna’s GQ. Because it feels strange to see such overdressed decency in Maxim. Doesn’t it?

Michelle Rodriguez is, to my understanding, a little troublemaker and rebel in her own glass of water. And even if it’s pretty strange that Hollywood would not embrace her rebellious self, Michelle Rodriguez comes with a clean act in James Cameron’s Avatar. Hence Maxim’s January 2010 attention! (the story continues right after the jump with more images! Click here to see the gallery)

Michelle Rodriguez Maxim January 2010

And if you’re asking, just like me, why these painfully dull images make it in Maxim’s pages while GQ’s steamy Rihanna goes pretty much full bloom in January 2010, we’ll just have to put in on bad editors. Because these dull images come from an older photo shoot Michelle Rodriguez had put on for Fast and the Furious. And once again, the readers intelligence is insulted because they’re served with the same meal as few years ago, only with another story. Didn’t Michelle have a moment of grace in her busy schedule for Maxim? Or Maxim’s editors feel the financial crisis so abruptly that they have to sacrifice their very visual content, the most important feature in a magazine? (photos via)

Michelle Rodriguez mini dress

Michelle Rodriguez Fast and the Furious

Michelle Rodriguez Fast and the Furious 1 Michelle Rodriguez Fast and the Furious 2 Michelle Rodriguez Fast and the Furious 3

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#1 cc on 12.30.09 at 9:19 pm

Her cinematic image is so often a scowling, tough lady hardass so the femininity of this styling makes an interesting change

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