Jethro Cave, Rolling Stone’s Good Son

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A while back I presented you with a not-so-glam picture of the Brit high life stylish sons/daughters-of. There was a guy in there. A young man called Jethro. Jethro Cave. Firsts famous for being Nick Cave’s son.

Second-famous for his modelling career. Since I was completely unaware of the young man’s modelling ways, I went on carelessly. However, the fashion world did not. It continued to revolve around famous daughters and sons of. And hereby is Jethro Cave, the good son, as portrayed by Rolling Stone Magazine, the Italian edition, November 2009. (the story continues with more images, feel free to check out the gallery!)

Jethro Cave The Good Son

Besides the phlegmatic looks and the arrogance that flies directly to you even from printed paper (or screen layout), I can’t be friendly with Jethro. He looks so lost and so smug like he’d just invented the wheel. There’s a limit, in my vision, to arrogance. Besides being religious on the concept, I simply think we’re all equals. Unless you’re some smarty pants innovator, neuro blast cocktail of intelligence and applied synapses, you have no reason to put yourself on a pedestal. Because you’re not helping. Fashion-wise or any other way. Why should Jethro Cave be relevant? (photos via)

Jethro Cave The Good Son Rolling Stone

Jethro Cave The Good Son 1 Jethro Cave The Good Son 2 Jethro Cave The Good Son 3


#1 Ellington on 11.23.09 at 11:13 am

Ah the self-entitled tin prince.
He deserves the world as does all his fellow tin and plastic princes and princesses, because their parents decide to pick up a guitar or some such.
I cannot abide them and their deluded kingdom.

#2 Adriana on 11.23.09 at 12:41 pm

I saw an interview on tv with Wyatt Russell, son of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. What a refreshing young man that is. Handsome as his father. He has become the goal-keeper of the ice-hockey team “De Groninger Grizzlies” in my country. Try to pronounce that ladies, Wyatt could do it. :D
After a few minutes he asked: “Are you gonna ask me now how I like it here?” LOL! As you can imagine he was sick of talking about his parents status. He was sick of LA and Hollywood life and enjoyed the Groninger life style a lot. Was able to speak yet some Dutch words and I assure you ladies: that guy is gonna have good life because Groningen is a great city!

Ellington, I agree, I just loved to tell this story; there are normal celebrity kids. Yes, we should almost forget about it right?

#3 Adriana on 11.23.09 at 12:43 pm

GRRRRR……with a harsh “G” no, not this guy “Groningen”! :D

#4 Ellington on 11.23.09 at 2:06 pm

Yes that is a good story about a child of celebrity parents.
I knew of Wyatt Russell because when he was younger his parents had a summer/year round home here in cottage country in Ontario.
We play a lot of hockey here in Canada ( as I am sure you may know) and they had a home here for him to improve his game.
Its nice to know that he is doing something of his own, with a talent that he developed rather unlike his sister Kate who has just become a very poor version of her mother’s acting talent and career.
Good for Wyatt and good luck to his team! :)

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