The Blues Brothers Rubber Biscuit

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For those who thought it all started with The Blues Brothers, the movie, let them know they’re wrong!

The legend started with an episode of Saturday Night Live back in April 1976. That’s when Belushi’s vocal talents and Aykroyd‘s harmonica lead to the phenomenon The Blues Brothers. Following their SNL sketches, Belushi’s musical personality became Jake Blues Joliet and Aykroyd became Elwood Blues.(don’t miss today’s Friday Break’s Blues Brothers special right after the jump!)

I chose Rubber Biscuit to front this Friday Break even if it wasn’t a Blues Brothers original (it was first recorded by The Chips in 1956) but it was so beautifully performed by Dan Aykroyd, Elwood Blues, it was simply irresistible!

Their acting genius was consistently doubled by their excellent musical performance – the show they put on was brilliant! The Blues Brothers’ energy and entertaining quality is indisputable, even after all these years!

The first Blues Brothers album, Full of Blues (1978) was followed by The Blues Brothers movie (1980) mostly written by Aykroyd himself. Sadly, shortly after, James Belushi died (1982) so the unbelievable phenomenon had a very short life (at least in the original formula).

The Blues Brothers, however, continued to perform, Belushi-less, rotating guest singers/band members, serving the best blues to the world.

Mad choreography, insane performance, I could never choose just one of their songs so I added as many as I could! Enjoy one more sample of The Blues Brothers with Sweet Home Chicago, straight out of the movie!

You can read more about The Blues Brothers here; about The Blues Brothers movie here. You can also watch The Blues Brothers performing Jailhouse Rock, Shake Ya Tail Feather, Everybody Needs Somebody (all from The Blues Brothers movie) or Dan Aykroyd with Jim Belushi (John’s brother) performing Have Love Will Travel.


#1 Sal on 03.06.09 at 2:52 pm

I am a HUGE Blues Brothers fan from way back. I think it’s required of most Chicagoans! And “Rubber Biscuit” is one of my faves – thanks for this, KPriss!

#2 sonya on 03.14.09 at 12:42 pm

kpriss! you are a cool lady,
thanks for reminding me of this wonderful time back in the 80’s sniff! im going to watch the movie soon,thanks

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