Jennifer Lopez, Camilla Belle In Vanity Fair’s West Side Story Revisited

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West Side Story is a legend by now. Recreating the myth is a must: every generation has to know the West Side Story…This time we have to thank Vanity Fair and photographer Mark Selinger for bringing Jennifer Lopez and Camilla Belle in the West Side…

Not long ago I saw Push. A new generation movie, cute like a cine-button.

Vanity Fair West Side Story Mark Salinger

I have to explain myself – what I call new generation movie is the new X-Men breed movies – characters with superpowers doing super things amongst the ordinary living humans.

Looking at Camilla Belle here with her super-power Push image in my head, well, something just doesn’t click… (the story continues after the jump! Don’t miss the West Side Story pictorial gallery!)

West Side Story was the typical gangs story with a dance twist. Take all the street dance movies made lately and they couldn’t live up to the West Side Story Broadway musical. Jennifer Lopez now impersonates Oscar winning Rita Moreno’s Anita character.

Vanity Fair West Side Story Jennifer Lopez

On a side note – I really love Camilla Belle’s white frilly Zac Posen dress! Such a stunner! Too bad she looks like a lifeless painting herself. Jennifer Lopez is a pleasant surprise though, isn’t she? (via)

Vanity Fair West Side Story sewing Lopez Camilla

Vanity Fair West Side Story

Vanity Fair West Side Story Camilla Belle

Vanity Fair West Side Story Camilla Belle mourning

Vanity Fair West Side Story dancing Camilla Belle

Vanity Fair West Side Story dancing Jennifer Lopez

Vanity Fair West Side Story gangs dance


#1 Ellington on 03.20.09 at 7:09 am

Yes interesting take with the thematic photos. “West Side” story is just a modernized version of “Romeo and Juliet” and most high school aged kids should experience reading it as part of their curriculum, or they have probably watched modernized take with Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes. That was good too.
Jennifer Lopez does look good as Anita, but Camilla Belle’s Maria looks flat and lifeless.

#2 Adriana on 03.20.09 at 8:49 am

I loved to read Romeo and Julia but I was never the usual teen. No one pushed me to read it. I’ve seen it in the theatre and on tv played by the Royal Shakespeare Company without commercial breaks!! Also as a teen. I really loved, now still loves, the classic West Side Story movie. I’d own it on dvd. I’m not one that loves these superpower heroes movies. Oh well some…..but I don’t care at all if I’ve to skip them. Most off the time I don’t get it with all that violence and thunder and noise and flying people around…..whatever…

Anyway, though not close to Rita Moreno (sorry!), Jennifer looks good almost as good as in U-turn.

“Puerto Rico, my heart’s devotion….”

#3 Lauren on 03.20.09 at 11:14 am

Jennifer Lopez really looks amazing in this shoot, especially the shot of her dancing in that purple dress.

For those of you wondering, the bracelets that Jennifer is sporting in this shot, as well as the pearl basket bracelet that Camilla Belle wears throughout the spread are from Doyle & Doyle, an antique, estate and fine jewelry store in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Find more bracelets from their collection here.

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