Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 09/10 NY Fashion Week

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I really questioned my style capacities when it came to Victoria Beckham’s clothing collection success.

Now I think I have the answer. But first, let me get through her last Fall Winter 2009/2010 collection. 24 pieces, all would gorgeously fit Victoria herself. So how come she has such a smashing planetary success? (don’t miss the rest of the pictures right after the jump!)

Victoria Beckham FW 09 10 collection NYFW 1

The glove fit syndrome cannot be a worldwide thing since it’s daylight clear not everyone enjoys highlighting their silhouette that much. More – the colors and the dresses aren’t new and/or original, falling more into the dull category than into head spinning inspiration. So what makes Victoria Beckham’s collection so acclaimed?

Victoria Beckham FW 09 10 collection NYFW 2

Recession! It’s a perfect collection for sour times! Strict, straight, ferociously simple. What makes Posh such a reputed fashion creator to your eyes? (you can see the entire collection here as well as the review)

Victoria Beckham FW 09 10 collection NYFW 3


#1 Sal on 02.17.09 at 1:05 pm

Definitely some severity in there, but also some great lines. Against my better judgment, I actually love this collection!

#2 deka on 02.17.09 at 6:13 pm

i love the simplicity and great fit.
she is definitely someone i look to for ideas.
not crazy about the silk purple cape/jacket, but there are always duds among gems

#3 Ellington on 02.17.09 at 6:50 pm

I think that its a collection that serves its purpose. Pretty frocks for times that are not so pretty (financially that is).
I like it all even the purple silk jacket/cape, its kind of funky. : )

#4 Hapsical London Fashion Blog on 02.17.09 at 7:04 pm

I think there are some great pieces, but I have two concerns – first it seems a little dress-up-as-Posh, she’s basically just interpreting her personal style, like Kate Moss did for Topshop. It seems a little odd to be copying a celebrity’s distinctive style so obviously. At least are lots of women who want to look like Kate Moss, but I’m not sure how many women want to look like VB in her current style incarnation – it isn’t a very easy look.

The second issue is whether people will feel her brand justifies the high prices (dresses are £850 – £4,000, or $1,200 -$5,700 I read today), which is similar to the prices of more established fashion houses. People who have that amount of money to spend on dresses are surely going to go for the more established brand, instead of the new celebrity brand (previously associated with tacky jeans and cheap fragrances..)?

#5 Ellington on 02.17.09 at 7:07 pm

Good points and well said Hapsical London Fashion Blog! I concur.

#6 Adriana on 02.18.09 at 6:11 am

Hapsical, chapeau!

#7 kpriss on 02.20.09 at 6:24 am

When I talk about an issue, I generally refer to myself as the first test subject. When I asked myself the wearability of Victoria Beckham’s collection, I couldn’t give it a positive answer.

Wearing those second skin dresses it’s not that appealing to me. Not because I wouldn’t be comfortable with my own body, but because I don’t think it’s something to wear every day. I definitely could do some Herve Leger every once in a while but not routinely.

And then there’s the strict cut. Even if it can be refer to as simplicity, I’m a joyful girl, I love playful clothes and frills. Victoria’s so-called lady like style is hard to maintain and harder to pull since she’s the original so every follower will only come in second…

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