Because I Make My Own Beauty

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Today I wanted to take some news time off and write something else. Not your usual Stylefrizz article, but then again, what is your usual Stylefrizz article?

I started this wonderful (blogging) adventure not long ago without a specific idea in the back of my head. Just doing what I always wanted and loved – reading news about the young, beautiful and famous, going through every fashion defile, searching for new and surprising clothes and accessories.. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! I never was a fervent magazine buyer and my few years of buying this and that fashion-zine were enough to make me throw them away without regrets. I didn’t found what I was looking for. Not completely.

I always thought there was something very womanly about fashion (and beauty) magazines. I once said to my rebel self that when I’ll grow up, I’ll buy fashion magazines. The curiousness of it all was that in my teens I was paying more attention and buying religiously Vogue more than “when I grew up”. Why was that? How did I loose interest?

Fashion magazines (like any other media) are to me a way to manipulate masses, a lucrative, prosperous business where images and brands rule the fashion land. There’s no beauty, no authentic style in those paper pages. There’s just a publishing house asking for subjects that fall in most wanted… or most talked about… Ordered by editors in chiefs and dead-lined by aspiring editors in-chief. In other words, what’s there to read in a magazine that hasn’t been touched by the marketing wizard? That hasn’t seen the light of so many editors screen, publishers and layout supervisor?

Not too long back, I asked you how you see blogging evolving and how would you make it better (there’s always room for better). By writing this, I’m somehow taking things back to that question. Because I was a magazine consumer (not loyal to buying magazines, but as they say, Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum – to err is human; to persist is of the Devil) but did not found what I was looking for in those pages, I switched to internet.

Because I was a magazine consumer who wasn’t looking for a simple “oh, what a beautiful dress!” tagline, I switched to internet. Because I was a magazine consumer who wasn’t bound to magazine photo shooting beauty, I switched to blogging. I wanted to have my own saying in this matter. To make my own beauty in this fashion madness.

I wrote all this partly because Sal from Already Pretty made me think about something I left in the background, still running, but passively. She made me reflect about what we think about ourselves and the surrounding world. About what they’re teaching us to believe about beauty. About beauty and standards. About magazines and skinny framed bodies. About our mind’s freedom to think what it wants and not what we’re told to and smart marketed to.

I wrote this because I wanted to go beyond the news and the fashion frenzy to who we really are, us, the fashion and media consumers. And what we really want and think about this and that, about everything. Because we do think. Because we’re not only doing what we’re told to, because we’re not only the clothes we wear but also the mind that chose them and put them together. Because we’re not only shopping the wardrobe that has been seen on A-listers (or B-Z listers worldwide) but because that’s how we placed ourselves on social and cultural scales.

What’s beauty to you? Which one of your hungers is fed with fashion and blogs? Is this fashion constellation raining glitter on you so you’ll feel sparkling in the night, just because you’re doing your daily fashion and gossip readings? (no via. Just me and you)

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#1 Dolly Bird on 12.10.08 at 6:04 pm

Kpris I had a long day at work today but I surprisingly found solace in your composition. Its like you’ve taken out a piece of your heart and offered it to us. Something you’ve been doing almost everyday since you started your blog. I’m kind of a newbie here but I’m sure your earliest readers are witnesses at how you’ve unravelled yourself by sharing your vision of beauty with us. Be it visual or spiritual. Right now as I sit here all that comes to my mind to answer your question for a definition of beauty, is the love of my parents and sharing. Which is what you do too Kpriss. I’ve come across a diversity of people here, thrilled at the pictures, gleefully read the articles, frowned at the nasty or pathetic and unfair remarks but most of all I’ve smiled and laughed. At the lighthearted atmosphere your blog always evokes and its like a whacky girls night out. Often with Adriana, Ellington, you Kpriss and whoever wants to come along with us to go see The Rolling Stones at another one of their ‘last’ concerts.
So to me beauty, besides Elizabeth Taylor or Brook Shields , is also seen in sharing. Its what you’ve been doing here with us Kpriss. And I guess that makes you beautiful! I doubt anyone will disagree. I’m sure your husband is proud of you and you’ve set a fine example to your children. Bravo!

#2 Adriana on 12.10.08 at 7:26 pm

A lot I would like to say has been written by Dolly Bird yet. I’d like to add something to her piece.
I am one of your first readers. I was immediately attracted to this site. It took me only one visit and I was sold! It became a place where I could express myself without feeling rejected or felt ridiculous or offended and that’s freedom to me. Maybe others did but I’d felt never felt this from you. This your blog! And as you say, you always show respect for your readers. And Mr. Kpriss of course too. That’s beauty too btw. I love it how you give credits to your husband’s support. This is a place where I am able to share things. You let me even carried away one day about my health. Now that’s also beauty to me. Feeling free to be me, just me.
And when you’re critical or do not agree its always in a positive way. Something that does give me a change of heart and mind. That goes for other posters too by the way. People that makes your brain work, let me think things over. That’s communication, so sharing. So that’s also beauty.

But you asked more in your last paragraph. I was thinking about about Stylefrizz too a lot of late. Now coindidentally there’s the Editor’s Choice: “The World’s First Gas Station Covered In Fabric”. Gosh, how I loved that kind of articles between all the fashion/celeb/glitter you posted things like that! Or that wonderful Elephant House as another example. Unforgettable! A way off living I had no knowledge about and you brought to my attention. So, again beauty!
This is not meant to be critical because I’ve asked myself often: “how on earth does she manage to do this with three toddlers and a household keep on going?” So I agree with Dolly Bird, you set a great example for your children being a working mother. That’s what you are, that’s inspirational to a child. Or it should be. A blogger, but still a working mother. A mother with with her own aspirations. And your aspirations have given my days a nice touch, moments to enjoy whether I agree or not, its sharing thoughts.
Sorry, if I sound a bit blurry, I’m still mourning and feel terribly sad for a good friend. Its in the middle of the night in my time-zone. I cannot sleep, I enjoy a healthy smoothy and found your article to reply on. So that’s beauty to me too. Set my mind free. Because I type this with a smile. My first smile this week I believe?
Since I’m so long around on your blog I’m even proud at it how it has grown. As if it is mine blog LOL!
My first look when I’ve logged in and my last look when I’ve logged out is that 1050 year old Oak Tree I’m addicted too, found by you, published on Stylefrizz as an easy look on a Monday.
May the journey go on and let us enjoy beauty together for a long time coming…….
With love, Adriana

#3 Adriana on 12.10.08 at 7:28 pm

Oh good grief, I thought this was a small piece…..not! I’ve taught myself english. To speak and to write it and its not perfect, I know…..have patience with me, not only you Kpriss but also the other posters. Especially the regulars.

#4 Adriana on 12.11.08 at 7:18 am

Sorry, if I was able to edit my pieces I definitely would…….

#5 DluvIA on 12.11.08 at 11:45 am

To answer your question – “beauty” to me, at this stage in my life, is summed up in 2 words – “my children”. I used to think that beauty came from dressing stylishly, taking inspiration from the latest fashion magazine & personalizing/recreating those favorite looks thru savvy shopping and smartly mixing vintage with designer and discount pieces. I aspired to be the quintessential chic NY woman, a wealth of hip knowledge & the right group of friends and causes but… now I’ve found that the simplicity of marriage to a wonderful man & being blessed with the gift of perfect ‘mini-me’ children IS what “beauty” truly exemplifies at the end of each rough & tumble day!

#6 Sal on 12.11.08 at 12:33 pm

You’re such a star, Kpriss. Thanks for sharing your thoughts both here and over at my place.

#7 Ellington on 12.11.08 at 5:24 pm

What I think is beautiful is many things. I often don’t find it in a magazine or the latest trend.
What I find it in is in my family and friends, real and virtual.
I am very happy to have found your blog. Its a fun part of my day.
I enjoy the things that you bring to us and I am happy to have ‘met’ you Kpriss, Dolly Bird and Adriana on this world wide web.
I love the beauty and playfulness of my two wacky nephews who are 5 and 23 months old. I love the quirky behavior of my Mom and her wacky sense of humour.
I love the caring nature of my Dad, and the protectiveness of my 3 brothers.
I love the support and kindness of my friends near and far. And I love hope and faith. These are a few things I find beautiful.
Thank-you Kpriss for your sharing your window on life and fashion and for letting me gaze through it too! : )

#8 Adriana on 12.12.08 at 4:55 am

I wrote a far too long piece, in grieve…..I’ve even asked Kpriss to erase it. But let it be, I take another change. And hopes you people don’t mind…..

Beauty is good health, a home and food and someone that watch over you and look over your shoulder how things goes because if no one does it is if you do not excist. If that’s all there than nothing else matters.
The rest you get out off life or enjoy is just a bonus…….

#9 Ellington on 12.12.08 at 11:55 am

Adriana my dear, are you alright?
I get the feeling that you are in deep sadness at the moment.
If you need to “talk’ to someone you may email me, I would be happy and honoured to listen. That’s what friends do, and although I have not met you physically I consider you a friend.
If you wish please ask Kpriss for my email address.
Thinking of you fondly and wishing you love, hope and peace.

Ellington : )

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