Victoria Beckham’s Gold Rodarte Shoes By Christian Louboutin

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There she goes again! Our favorite Shoe’xtremist, Victoria Beckham stepping up in Rodarte Fall 2008.

The shoes from Rodarte FW 2008 were designed by Christian Louboutin, the Master of Red Soles. Beautiful shoes. Gorgeous shoes. Killer heels. There’s just one thing bugging me… I may be the only one doing this, but when I walk in high heels (very high heels), I have this persistent high-heel-step-failure happening every now and then – when I take a step, my shoes touch each other. I wonder how I’d manage with a pair of Rodarte – Louboutins like Victoria’s! Oh, did I say how much I like those shoes? I like them so much, I just had to make another picture showing them! You can find it right after the jump! (photos via justjared,

Victoria Beckham with gold Rodarte shoes by Christian Louboutin

Rodarte shoes by Christian Louboutin for Rodarte fall winter 2008 2009


#1 Ellington on 10.18.08 at 8:06 pm

Not for me. These shoes look very angry with the world like they would give you blisters, corns and hammer toes just to spite you, and I would want no part of that!

#2 Dolly Bird on 10.18.08 at 11:56 pm

Very detailed,kinky and different but Ouch!Take a closer look at Posh’s toes..squeezed and crushed into the shoes LOL!
They’ll surely scare away muggers though,protective of their groins!

#3 Adriana on 10.19.08 at 6:39 am

We’ve to “suffer” for fashion ladies! Or for men? Or for fun? Like the Japanese girls to become a good Geisha or be a Victiorian herion and suffocate in your corset: these days are definitely back! Why do modern women not have the intellect anymore to regonise that?

These shoes could have been marvelous!! If they were been designed for comfort too. Which is possible if you’re such a “brilliant” shoe-designer as Louboutin.
LOL, they are protective againts muggers but at the same time these shoes makes me angry AT the world [of fashion]. Does Kate and Laura Mulleavy wear these shoes themselves???

Sorry Kpriss, do you still want them girl?

#4 Hapsical London Fashion Blog on 10.19.08 at 9:19 am

They are incredible.. shame it had to be La Beckham who got em first, but they’re amazing nonetheless.

#5 pauline hannouche on 10.26.08 at 7:33 am

do you know where you can buy the shoes

#6 H on 11.01.08 at 4:09 pm

Yes , please if anyone knows where to get any , please post

#7 Dolly Bird on 11.01.08 at 4:53 pm

As they are made by Christian Louboutin you’ll find them at his boutique if there’s one in your city while stocks last.They are in the 4 figure price range!!!

#8 JENNIFER on 02.10.09 at 4:27 pm

i love this shoes, and btw i’m 5.11 tall, so ufff not so sure if i could wear them, but hey a girl can stop dreaming! :p ohh i know were you can buy them for $195!

good luck

#9 Alexis on 04.03.09 at 1:14 pm

Jennifer can you PLEASE email me where you can get them for $195..i am DYING!

#10 Mizztissa on 04.19.09 at 10:58 am

I don’t it would be wise to wear those to bed… :)

#11 Diamond on 10.11.10 at 5:49 pm

please tell me where i can get them shoes they are sooo hawt

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