Samsung Presents The Perfumed Lavender Mobile Phone

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What could convince you to change your mobile phone? A better design? Higher performances? Easier accessibility?

How about perfume? A perfumed mobile phone? And by that I’m not saying you have to spray perfume on your telephone? No-no-no! I’m saying that Samsung has released the concept for a telephone called Lavender that can actually spray Lavender perfume! (more after the jump)

Samsung Lavender perfumed mobile phone concept 4

It looks like a perfume bottle, it smells like one, but it’s a mobile phone, in fact! I’m not getting too much into the features, I just want to say that it only has one button and that the liquid displayed on the telephone’s screen doesn’t mean that your phone is a pocket aquarium! It just displays the phone’s battery life (since the phone looks like a perfume bottle, it was only natural that they fill in the liquid!). I think I’ll stick with my current phone for a while. I think my kids would be puzzled if they saw me talking to a perfume bottle! What about you, anxiously expecting the release of this perfumed phone? (via)

Samsung Lavender perfumed mobile phone concept 1 Samsung Lavender perfumed mobile phone concept 2 Samsung Lavender perfumed mobile phone concept 3


#1 Ellington on 10.28.08 at 8:50 pm

It looks pretty but I don’t wish to start making scratch and sniff phone calls and texts.

#2 Dolly Bird on 10.29.08 at 3:59 am

I like the colour and how slim and hi tech it looks but I don’t like the smell of lavender.Too bad its not in fushia and smelling of strawberry!Anyway I’m happy with my current one.Afterall its only a phone for heavens sake.

#3 Adriana on 10.29.08 at 8:06 am

I stick to my own old “walkie talkie”, a six year old Nokia which still works! I don’t care people look at me if I’m out off time….Yes, it looks pretty but it would not be my choice if good old Nokia dies. Right Dolly Bird, its only a phone. Which I only use when really needed. Sometimes I’m really irritated by all these screaming people around me. Why do people scream while using their mobile? Maybe they are the ones that need the calming down effect of lavender? I love lavender in its natural way only. Not as a scent.

#4 Olamujer on 10.29.08 at 4:06 pm

Samsung ha lanzado el concepto de una llamada telefónica perfumada de Lavanda. Observen, parece un frasco de perfume pero es un móvil!…bueno son ambas. Les presento el Perfumed Lavender Mobile Phone de Samsung. Sinceramente me parece una idea muy original, dos en uno, en el mismo envase un móvil y perfume en spray, que tal?

#5 jewel on 11.09.09 at 3:52 am

so nice.I like this style.u r so …..

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