Annie Leibovitz Exhibition A Photographer’s Life 1990-2005

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Annie Leibovitz exhibition travelled the world to reach Paris. In collaboration with Louis Vuitton she’s presenting some of her most famous works from 1990 to 2005.

Not only public faces or public places, but also family and close friends pop from the beautiful pictures. From Jamie Foxx to the Olympic Games athletes, American west’s stunning landscapes, the exhibition originally started in 2006 and went global (you can see the rest of the pictures after the jump).

Annie Leibovitz and Patti Smith at Paris ExhibitionHere I presented you some of her works from the exhibition that I have been able to find on the internet.

Of course you always have her Vanity Fair and Vogue works in case you’ll miss the exhibition (or you have already missed it).

I do appreciate her style, and her magnetism. She seems to have not only an eye for art, but also for controversy. And she sure has a uniqueness to her work (at least the fashion magazines work). Love her or hate her, I think she’s one safe investment. What about you? Friend or foe of Annie’s work?

Annie Leibovitz Photography Susan At Home
Annie Leibovitz Photography Brother and Father
Annie Leibovitz Photography Susan
Annie Leibovitz Photography Brad Pitt
Annie Leibovitz Photography MB
Annie Leibovitz Photography Monument Valley
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#1 Adriana on 06.19.08 at 6:07 am

Nobody’s perfect so that goes for Annie too. I love her for so long now. So the answer is: I’m a friend of Annie Leibovits.

Thanks for this photos.

#2 Ms. P&C on 06.19.08 at 9:14 am

This show was amazing when it was in San Francisco! Here‘s a review.

#3 Adriana on 03.11.09 at 2:27 pm

Isn’t it very, very sad that Annie has pawned copyright to her life’s work to pay off her debts on mortrages on the houses her partner Susan Sontag left her after she died? It’s besides very sad a bloody, bloody shame that people have [still] no equal rights in the US!

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