Chanel Carousel Fall-Winter 2008

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I bet you missed a good ol’ Chanel article! Well, no need to linger on, here it is.

You already know I’m against presenting winter fashion when spring is hardly in the air. This is different. I’m not talking about the show (even if my tongue tickles), I’m talking about the setting. About the Kaiser’s sense of on stage entertainment.

Chanel Automne-Hiver 2008/9 took place at the Palais Royal and was presented in an unusual manner (not that we expected an average Lagerfeld). I guess when you’re saying mix work with passion and hard labor becomes nothing but children games, you didn’t had that in mind. Well, the Kaiser thinks big. And I mean merry-go-round-big!

Chanel Carousel Fall-Winter 2008-2009 Collection

It’s like when you get to ride a Ferrari or the unicorn in a real merry-go-round, only this time you didn’t get to ride them Chanel wonders. You just got a look at and imagined what could you have possibly done with those humongous pearls, cuffs, bags, brooches, hats et caetera, et caetera. It’s all about playing (as Karl Lagerfeld declared after the show – that he likes treating those garments like they weren’t pure luxury and take them like a pair of cheap jeans). But playing with clothes costing over $1,000 it’s not really my style.

Chanel Fall-Winter 2008/9 Carousel

How did you felt about this Chanel fall-winter 2008-2009 staging? (and I’m not talking clothes, yet) Did the playful Lagerfeld spirit got to you?
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#1 Bee on 08.23.08 at 1:56 am

I think it was alittle bit to similar to Galliano’s Carousel last year. Only each did their own take on it.
It seems alittle to similar to me.
the idea would be original in afew years. but the year after is too soon

#2 Bee on 08.23.08 at 1:57 am

Though i do have to say. the set is absolutely superb. Simply stunning workmanship.

#3 jen on 06.18.09 at 4:10 pm

Its simply beautiful. I would love to be there

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