Madonna’s $10 Millions Hair Deal

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Forbes made her first-ever Cash Queens of Music list of the top-earning female musicians, banking $72 million between June 2006 and June 2007.

Then what could have gone so terribly wrong to make her appear in a Sunsilk Commercial?

Shakira, Marilyn Monroe and Madonna
Ok, it’s for the Superbowl, ok, the same commercial features Marilyn Monroe (and Shakira), but Sunsilk? If I’ll add a monstrous 10 millions check for this participation in the advertising campaign, then it all goes crystal clear with Madonna.

How low can one go for money? (m.. tricky question, I agree, but it’s true she was rewarded with a rather high amount to participate.. would it be because it’s a lame product? hmm, it’s for you to say. I for one, never used it. So? Is it that good? Or that bad to worth $10 millions?)

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