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Anorexia. What They Really See In The Mirror!
This image haunts me for few days now. I can’t get it out of my mind but I can’t get it in my heart either!... Read More

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Who Needs A Doormat Scale?
I bet if they get word of this doormat scale, modelling agency managers around the world would most definitely place one at their entry door.... Read More

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Dakota Fanning, Gabourey Sidibe Cover V Magazine’s Size Issue, January 2010
With such an ambitious purpose in mind, the print has to be spectacular. So V Magazine’s editors brought in the uber famous photographers and the... Read More

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Jennifer Hawkins Without Makeup And Photoshop For Marie Claire February 2010
Every magazine seems to be working on a weight issue these first months of the new year. Take for instance the Australian edition of Marie... Read More

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Avril Lavigne Is Having Weight Issues?
It’s not uncommon for a celebrity to have a fair share of weight issues. I’ll end up thinking it’s a celebrity stunt and move on.... Read More

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Where Is Gemma Ward?
She’s still here and she’s doing just fine! Look at her: sporting that fashionably-thrifty animal print coat look with a retro beach ensemble underneath. (doesn’t... Read More

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Mary Kate Olsen’s Weight Issues
Mary Kate Olsen, is that really you? Last we saw you, you were the grey queen at this year’s Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala. You... Read More

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Mischa Barton’s Weight Out Of Control
How low must they expect the ratings charts for Mischa’s show to go if they’re speculating (again) on Mischa Barton’s weight? The poor girl’s picture... Read More

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