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Victoria’s Secret Holiday 2011 Ad. Have A Very Victoria’s Secret Christmas!
After watching the Victoria’s Secret show (you did, didn’t you? And even if you didn’t, pretty much all you need to know about the 2011... Read More

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Which Color For New Year’s And Why. Victoria’s Secret Angels Resolutions
You know about that particular tradition which ties the color of your underwear to the way you want the next year to be. Ummm.. Or... Read More

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Victoria’s Secret 2011 Fashion Show. Models Wearing Lingerie
That’s all there is to it, in the end! Yes, Victoria’s Secret has put a major wheel in motion with each and every Victoria’s Secret... Read More

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Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio Do Victoria’s Secret 2011 Fashion Show
Initially I wanted to treat them separately. However, more I saw pictures of them, more I picked on the similarities between Adriana Lima and Alessandra... Read More

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Chanel Iman’s Victoria’s Secret 2011 Fashion Show
Although I wasn’t expecting something more daring, Chanel Iman’s outfits for Victoria’s Secret 2011 Fashion show came out as playful and cute more than anything... Read More

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Anja Rubik’s Victoria’s Secret 2011 Fashion Show
Although technically I haven’t heard anything about Anja Rubik being a VS Angel, she had her beautiful wings out on the 2011 Fashion Show catwalk... Read More

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Adam & Anne’s Heidi & Seal Moment For Victoria’s Secret 2011 Fashion Show
You know I was asking who’s singing at this year’s Victoria’s Secret 2011 Fashion Show? Maroon 5! Among others (count Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Jay... Read More

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Joan Small’s First Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: VS 2011
What was I saying just hours ago? That I looooove Joan Smalls? Yes, I stand by that! She’s really one of the best looking models... Read More

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